Avoid Trouble With The Police

  • Don’t resist a police officer, even if you think you are innocent.
  • If you are stopped by the police, remember to stay calm and in control; the words, body language, and emotions you use show.
  • Be polite and respectful of the police; they have a difficult job and they are more likely to show you respect back.
  • If the police suspect you of having committed a criminal offence, do not consent or agree for the police to do anything without speaking to your lawyer first.
  • This applies to answering questions, participating in a record of interview or appearing in an identification parade.
  • If you are questioned about a traffic matter; you must give your name and address and, in some cases, information about the identity of the driver/owner of a vehicle.
  • When the police say they just want to talk to you or ask a couple of questions to eliminate you from their enquiries, or to clear something up – that is often not what they really have in mind.
  • The Prosecutor decides whether to drop criminal charges, not the victim.