Finding a Lawyer

Finding a good lawyer is like finding a good car- there are lots of different makes and models out there and some only have one speciality (like a truck) whilst other can be used for lots of different purposes, like a wagon.

So depending on your matter you may need a generalist or specialist lawyer. Many lawyers have websites that will tell you about them and what areas of law they practice in.

When you do find someone who is capable of helping you with your matter; it is important to feel comfortable with your lawyer and be able to tell them everything. You should find a lawyer who listens to everything you have to say and is able to explain things clearly without using big words or legal terms that you may not understand.

You may able to get help from legal aid depending on your financial situation and the seriousness of the matter. Some lawyers may also be able to get legal aid to fund your matter even though you are are privately represented; so make sure you ask your lawyer when you speak to them.