Weapon / Firearm offences

Offences involving firearms and weapons are deemed to be very serious. The legislation regulates the possession/ownership, use, purchase and supply of firearms and weapons. The law aims to protect public safety by controlling the sale and use of firearms in NSW.

There is a very long list of prohibited weapons but in some cases you can be permitted to own them; for a detailed list click the link below

Click here for a list of Prohibited weapons

Guns and Firearms are broadly classified; even a spear gun is considered to be a firearm and you could face up to 10 years for using one in public if it endangers the life of another person. More generally they are classified as ‘registered’ or ‘unregistered’. The maximum penalty for an ‘unregistered firearm’ charge is 10 years imprisonment if the particular firearm is prohibited, or 5 years in any other case.

The Firearms Act states: “A person must not sell, purchase, possess or use a firearm that is not registered” and there can be serious consequences if you are found guilty of a firearms offence.

However the court has the option to impose a range of sentences including but not limited to:

  • Suspended sentence
  • Community Service Order
  • Intensive Correction Order
  • Home Detention
  • Issuing a Good Behaviour Bond
  • Imposing a fine
  • Imprisonment
  • Section 10: firearm is proven unregistered but dismissed.

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